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Bank on Greater Cincinnati (BOGC) is an initiative that offers an alternative to the expensive check-cashing services. BOGC has partnered with banks and credit unions to offer free or low cost accounts. If you have had a problem with bank accounts in the past or simply never opened a bank account before. We can assist you with resources to make an informed decision to help start or re-start a relationship with a bank or credit union.
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Building Assets for Fathers and Families (BAFF) provides workshops and free one-on-one coaching that teaches noncustodial parents how to create a budget, repair their credit and save money. (more)

SmartTax is a program that provides assistance in preparing federal and state of Ohio tax returns to individuals within targeted communities at no cost. Participants also gain valuable information on the most recent tax credits that are available to taxpayers with low to moderate incomes. (more)

SmartDollars & Sense is a comprehensive workshop covering all topics in basic money management. Each workshop provides participants with tools and techniques to help control spending, increase savings, and further align income with expenses. In addition, the workshop provides critical information on understanding credit. (more)

SmartStep Savings is a matched savings program that assists people with a 2:1 match (program participants save $50/month and receive $100 from SMCS) towards a savings goal of homeownership, entrepreneurship, or continued education. (more)

SmartBusiness is a pioneer for comprehensive training and lending to micro enterprise initiatives in the urban core of Cincinnati. It caters to aspiring, emerging, or current entrepreneurs who face obstacles when they attempt to secure training, coaching, and financing. (more)


SmartMoney Friends provides an opportunity for individuals outside of the Over-the-Rhine Community to take advantage of the services of the Cincinnati Central Credit Union. (more)

SmartChange Financial Counseling is a one-on-one counseling program structured to provide individual sessions to participants who are having problems balancing their income with their expenses. The five sessions course offers insightful tips and information on how to cut back on unnecessary spending, increase your savings, identify financial goals and get out of debt. In addition, SmartChange participants have an opportunity to review their credit report, and if needed arrange repayment plans with creditors. (more)

SmartHome Ownership Workshop is a free six-week course educates potential first-time homebuyers on the various aspects of purchasing a home, such as money management, the role of the realtor, finding the right house, choosing a mortgage and other related topics. SmartHome Pre-Purchase Counseling sessions take a more in-depth look at factors affecting a homebuying decision such as basic budgeting and clearing up derogatory credit. (more)

Over The Rhine Branch of Cincinnati Central Credit Union provides individuals and families with a full range of banking services, including savings and checking accounts, low-interest loans, direct deposit services, credit cards, bus passes, etc. For member’s convenience, there is also an ATM machine located in the Findlay Market. (


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